Savoring the Moments

Trying to write without addressing ‘winter’ seems impossible these days.  Most of us are so tired of experiencing it, wishing it would go away, and talking about it that it’s the last topic I wanted to address.  But really, unless your on an exotic vacation, what else is there?

As we enter a week with again the possibility of at least three more days of blowing snow and closed roads, it’s too easy to curl up in a ball by the fire and just close the blinds.  (especially when your husband is in Floriday!)  Since it was my choice to stay home I can’t even address that subject but it is rather selfishly comforting to know that it’s cold down there too and northern Florida has SNOW!

As I turned the car around in another whiteout on our street this morning and decided to forgo the gym yet one more time, I convinced myself that 5 minutes of shovelling the walkway was exercise anyway and returned to another day of resisting cabin fever.  There is so much to be done rather than playing computer games and working on another puzzle I tell myself while I sit down to just indulge in a few minutes of Candy Crush.

It was at that moment  I decided to turn this day around.  I lit a candle, made a coffee and decided to (after a few months) write my blog and if it’s about the weather, so be it.  As my thinking changed, I realized that these are precious days, a gift in the form of a reprieve from the usual busyness of life and an opportunity to relax, be in the moment and feed my spirit rather than my ever frustrated ego.  I have no committments and am always resolving to meditate more, read and journal more and get back to some projects that I have long neglected. So what’s the problem?

Rather than focus on being alone, shut in with ever increasing snowbanks and feeling bored, I changed my thoughts to all the possibilities available to me every moment.  I begin with gratitude and being present in this moment.  I am a Happiness Coach I remind myself.  I know better than to delay my happiness until winter is over, the sun comes out and melts the snow or whatever I imagine will make my life ‘better.’  Outside stuff doesn’t create happiness, it comes from within so why not accept what is now and let the future go?  If I’m not happy now, a change of season won’t make me happier.  It will feel better for sure but is never the source.  There will always be something to be upset about then too.

It’s perfectly okay to get fed up with this never ending winter; to vent, shake your fist at the heavens or scream at the elements.  Releasing feels good and is a great tool to help us  get on with the day.  We are all ready for a break but when you can’t control what is happening, why let it shape your thoughts and actions?  So, I’ve started taking control of what I can control by writing my rambling thoughts in this blog and then I’ll move on to something else that I have been avoiding.  There are so many things I constantly bemoan that I don’t have time to do while I have wasted an entire week doing nothing.  When I think about that logically it is kinda a definition of insanity 🙂   And when I feel like doing nothing, I’ll do that too without judgment or self criticism.

Blue skies and spring-like weather, you are most welcome, but in the meantime I choose to make use of this gift of time and enjoy the peace and quiet.  After all, I have power, tv, heat, and wonderful neighbors who keep my driveway open.  I am safe and comfortable and grateful for these blessings.

Winter is known as the season for hibernation, renewal and dormancy.  The animals hibernate and nature slumbers while all the while preparing to emerge fresh and productive in spring.  So why do we resist what nature teaches us?  We may not have the luxury of sleeping the winter away, but I do take cues from my dog and cat who spend their time leisurely spread out before the fireplace without a concern about snow or cold.

I think I’ll  join them now while I plan my next move and maybe work in a quick game of Candy Crush.  Stay warm and safe everyone.  This too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Savoring the Moments

  1. Nice to see you back blogging! Good comments – but still glad I’m in TO – although the weather hear isn’t a ton better 🙂

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