Yes, It was a Real Parrot!

‘Hang on a minute Lorie,’ I said into the phone.

Then I called to Brian, ‘Come quick, there’s a parrot on our fence‘, all the while realizing the absurdity of what I was saying.  How could there be a parrot sitting calmly on our back fence?  But there he was, a beautiful African grey parrot with brilliant red tail.

That was the beginning of an afternoon of crazy improbable events including Brian sitting in the backyard for two hours (rather than going for a bike ride) trying to keep the bird there until we located the owner.  Between the next door neighbor and I, the local vet’s office was called, the radio station and we both facebooked our discovery in hopes of locating the owner.

The vet’s office had a record of a parrot missing 6 weeks ago but as it turned out this wasn’t our parrot.  Who would have guessed that?  Port Elgin isn’t that big of a town for all of these parrots to go missing!  They did however contact the number they had and later in the afternoon a gentleman called me offering to try and catch the parrot and take it home until his owner could be located.  Such a nice gesture.

In the meantime I contacted a friend who had parrots of her own to see if one was missing.  Turns out it wasn’t but she offered to come over after work and try to catch it for us so we could cage it.  As luck would have it, just moments before the above mentioned gentleman and my friend arrived, Mr. Parrot flew away.  Since Brian was still diligently sitting watching the bird, he saw approximately where he had gone and the trio headed that way cage in tow.

The point of my story is not really about a missing parrot, but about following my instincts.  I am learning to recognize that little voice within that tells me what I need to do, but too often I still ignore it.  And once more I ignored it.  During the afternoon I had watched a man walking up and down the street back and forth and it kind of creeped me out.  He was just walking and looking in towards each house.  Once we discovered the parrot, my thoughts went to him, but since he had no vehicle and appeared to be just wandering, I assumed he wasn’t looking for a pet.  And so, I ignored the fleeting impulse to call to him to see if he had lost a parrot.  Again, ego or the fear of looking foolish won out over the voice that said, ‘Just ask him.’  And, yes, he did turn out to be the parrot’s owner and it also turned out that ours was the only house he didn’t check with.  All the time he was frantically searching, his bird was perched on our fence just six houses away from home.

We then discovered that another neighbor had talked with this gentleman and knew his mission.  He put a note on a door where he thought the man lived telling him where he was and yup, you guessed it, wrong house.  So all these well intentioned people just added more mayhem to the situation, including me.

Around 6 p.m., four hours after Mr. Parrot had been at our home, I pulled out of my driveway and saw a woman and a little boy looking at the tree next door.  Again my ego almost allowed me to drive away when reason interfered.  Sure enough they were looking for their parrot and at the same time the gentleman I had seen earlier met up with them.  After explaining this convoluted story to them and telling them approximately where the parrot was last seen, they did in fact find him and all ended well.  In fact Winston flew out of the bushes and onto his ‘dad’s’ shoulder happy to be found.

This was a huge lesson to me about making looking foolish secondary and just listening to the voice of reason.  We almost always know the right choice or decision to make, but too often ignore it as it seems too unlikely or we’re just afraid.  I’m so glad that Winston got home safe and sound just before nighttime, but had our neighbor tried just one more door or I would have called to him and asked a simple question, the entire drama would have been avoided.

Winston and his family I’m sure will enjoy a grateful Thanksgiving and my thanks go to all who went out of their way to help guarantee his safety.  I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving weekend!  Enjoy the food, the brilliant colors of nature, and the joy of being together with loved ones.  We have so much to be grateful for and in our rush through life too often we forget to  make every day a day of Thanksgiving.

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